Frequent Urination in Women

There are many causes of frequent urination in women. Once a urinary tract infection (UTI) is ruled out, the catch-all phrase “overactive bladder” is often given to this frustrating condition.

Sometimes the underlying cause of frequent urination is your fluid intake. Too much caffeinated soda, too much coffee, and/or too much alcohol can all result in frequent urination. Many women are unaware of just how little water they are drinking compared to coffee, soda and alcohol. Why not download our voiding diary and start tracking both your fluid intake? It sounds counter-intuitive, but you may need to drink more water to urinate less.

You may have trained your bladder to send you a “I need to go” signal when it is only partially full. If you consistently run on adrenaline, your sympathetic nervous system could be in overdrive, sending you the “gotta run” signal even when there is plenty of storage room left in your bladder. There are natural ways for you to bring your autonomic nervous system into balance, so the parasympathetic system’s signals of “everything is fine, you have plenty of time” can be heard and the “we need action, and NOW!” signals from the sympathetic nervous system can be settled down.

If you find yourself urinating more often than every 3-4 hours, you may be urinating more frequently than necessary.

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