Calm an Overactive Bladder

Susan was 55 when she came to me for treatment for her overactive bladder. She was running to the bathroom to urinate several times an hour. And she wasn’t getting much sleep because she was getting up 4 or 5 times a night to go to the bathroom.

Susan always needed to be close to a bathroom. This limited the types of activities she could do. She quit going to movies and concerts because she would miss about half of the performance. She couldn’t go on hikes or picnics. She was embarrassed for her friends to see how often she hurried of to the bathroom.

Sometimes, when Susan used the bathroom there would only be a few drops of urine. Why did she have the sensation of a full bladder?

The pelvic floor exercises and relaxation techniques included in the 3-step system helped her to calm her bladder. By relaxing her bladder, she was able to reduce the sensation of having a full bladder when her bladder was really almost empty. In Susan’s case, she needed to limit the amount of liquids she was drinking in the evening.

Within a few weeks, Susan was able to reduce the number of times she urinated during the day to every 2 to 3 hours, which is the optimal time period. She was also able to practice relaxation when she woke during the night and calm her bladder. Now, the most she gets up to urinate in the night is once. She is very happy with the improvement.

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