Runner’s Dilemma–Incontinence

Kathy was 47 when she came to me for treatment for her sports-related incontinence. She had been having urinary leaking accidents when running for the past 3 years. She thought she had to live with the problem or give up being a runner.

Kathy didn’t have problems with leaking urine during the rest of her day or evening. She only had problems when she was running. This type of stress incontinence is also known as sports-related incontinence.

She thought that the leaking while running was just what happened as people aged. So, she adjusted by wearing pads and feeling uncomfortable while running. She also drank less water in the hopes that she would leak less.

Kathy started the 3-step program of pelvic floor strengthening exercises, liquids regulation, and relaxation techniques. In Kathy’s situation, it was important for her to increase her water intake. She enjoys the daily pelvic floor exercises and relaxation techniques and has made them a part of her daily routine. She saw positive results in a couple of weeks, and has now been accident free for over 2 years.

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