Urge Incontinence: “I’ve got to go!”

Woman Enjoying Life Again After Successful Treatment for Adult IncontinenceClaire suffered with urge incontinence for 5 years before she came to my office. She experience sudden urges to urinate and was not always able to make it to the bathroom. Large amounts of urine are leaked out with urge incontinence, not little dribbles. This makes incontinence underwear a very very important precaution.

Claire had been a very social person. She liked to play cards with friends, go out to ethnic restaurants, play golf, and go hiking with friends. With the onset of her urge incontinence, she had stopped all of these activities. She was almost house bound.

She started my 3-step system to control her incontinence: daily pelvic floor exercises, liquids regulation, and relaxation techniques.

By keeping track of liquids intake and leaking incidents, Claire realized that she was urinating every hour instead of the every 2 to 3 hours, which is normal. She also saw that she was drinking too much coffee and switched to more water.

Claire has kept up with the 3-part system and stays on a regular schedule of using the bathroom every 2 to 3 hours. She has been leak free for more than 3 years. She’s back to her regular social activities and plans vacations with friends.

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