Is Your Urine Green?

If you answered “yes,” don’t worry.  You may be at the forefront of Going Green.  I’m talking about using urine for fuel and energy.  That kind of “green.” As reported in the Huffington Post in March 2011, companies are now developing technologies to harness the power of pee.  England’s newspaper, The Guardian, reports that Gerardine […]

Skin Care and Medical Missions

We’d like to introduce you to Dr. Paula Dhanda.  She is an excellent gynecologist and surgeon. Dr. Dhanda has been serving patients in rural Northern California for more than 20 years. Peggy Landini provides incontinence treatment to Dr. Dhanda’s patients.  A few years ago, Dr. Dhanda began going on medical missions, taking a team of […]

The Natural Bladder

Natural bladder sounds like it could be the name of a rock band!  What it’s really about is ways to help with bladder problems without using surgery or prescription medications. You might want help if you are leaking urine, are often unable to get to the restroom in time, have frequent bladder infections, and/or have […]

How Can I Control Bladder Leakage?

Have you ever been standing in a checkout line and you realize that you need to find a restroom right away? If you don’t get to the restroom in time, you may have an “accident.” You are not alone with this problem. About one-third of women have some problems with bladder leakage. Some women plan […]

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