Urge Incontinence: “I’ve got to go!”

Claire suffered with urge incontinence for 5 years before she came to my office. She experience sudden urges to urinate and was not always able to make it to the bathroom. Large amounts of urine are leaked out with urge incontinence, not little dribbles. This makes incontinence underwear a very very important precaution. Claire had […]

Calm an Overactive Bladder

Susan was 55 when she came to me for treatment for her overactive bladder. She was running to the bathroom to urinate several times an hour. And she wasn’t getting much sleep because she was getting up 4 or 5 times a night to go to the bathroom. Susan always needed to be close to […]

Runner’s Dilemma–Incontinence

Kathy was 47 when she came to me for treatment for her sports-related incontinence. She had been having urinary leaking accidents when running for the past 3 years. She thought she had to live with the problem or give up being a runner. Kathy didn’t have problems with leaking urine during the rest of her […]

Incontinent for a Decade

Marie was 72 when she first came to see me for help with her stress urinary incontinence. She is retired and lives in rural Northern California. She had “accidents” when she would sneeze, cough or laugh. And she would have occasional leaks during the night. When Marie came to me as a patient she was […]